Aim & Scope


OAK(Open Access Korea) is a Open Access Movement committed to making the Korea’s scholarly & scientific materials(journal literature) a freely
available resource.

OAK Central is developed and is managed by KISTI’s Knowledge Information Center, supported by MCST(the Ministry of Culture, Sports and


OAK Central is a free archive of scholarly & scientific journal literature in Korea.

In keeping with OAK(Open Access Korea)’s goal to collect and archive the domestic OA Journal literature, OAK Central provides researchers with
free access to the full text of articles in an XML(eXtensible Markup Language) format
that conforms to an acceptable Journal article

OAK Central uses the NLM’s Journal publishing XML DTD 3.0 to publish its journal articles.

OAK Central also offers researchers with image data including figures and tables within XML journal articles deposited in Archive,
which not previously included in traditional article level index records.


OAK Central provides new layouts for journal articles that take advantage of current web environment, which are broken down into their respective
sections(introduction, methods, discussion, results, constraint, reference, figure/table and so on) with a navigation section at the top, allowing
readers to jump to the sections they are most interested in.

OAK Central has combined image level indexing with the article level indexing, to offer a more relevant results set.
- OAK Central provides great discoverability of related images within journal articles.
- Image data are further enhanced with thumbnail images, or full images where available, giving a quick preview of the images.